Millstone Loan Fund

Leveraging Local Assets to Build Community

The Millstone Loan Fund will provide business and real estate debt financing for investments that benefit low and moderate income families and individuals through employment, health and housing initiatives. The goal of the Millstone Loan Fund is to provide debt capital at fair rates and equitable terms to create a pathway for the under-resourced to financial self-sufficiency and asset-building.

Millstones are stones used in gristmills for grinding wheat or other grains, and in ancient times a critical resource needed for food and livelihood. The Biblical requirements for limits on pledges as security for debt points to wider concept that economic relationships must accommodate the poor and uphold their dignity and that just systems protect against indebtedness that perpetuates poverty.

No man shall take the lower or the upper millstone in pledge, for he takes one’s living in pledge. (Deuteronomy 24:6)