Jubilee Impact Fund, Inc.

Jubilee Impact Fund is a non-profit fund that directs faith-driven impact investment to social enterprises and low-income entrepreneurs. Jubilee’s biblical vision is to rebuild, restore and renew cities of hope and human flourishing around the United States. By partnering with local investors, churches and faith-based organizations, Jubilee directs capital into business and real estate ventures in at-risk neighborhoods that employ women, youth, and minorities supported by Christ-centered ministries. Jubilee is raising a $50 million dollar impact fund focused on 3 cities.


Mission of Jubilee Impact Fund, Inc.

To connect community development enterprises with faith-driven impact investors for Kingdom impact.


Vision of Jubilee Impact Fund, Inc.

Restored, flourishing and resilient communities described in Isaiah 61.


Principles of Jubilee Impact Fund, Inc.

  + Rebuild economic systems with justice and compassion (Guardian Redeemer)

  + Restore work for the dignity of the poor (Gleaning Fields)

  + Renew stewardship of God’s household (Generous Oikonomia)